Tuesday, 24 July 2012

A conflict free environment, an open market and choice

…the true value of a vendor neutral data centre

The vendor neutral data centre focuses its efforts on the management and maintenance of the facility and limits its activities to a fixed set of value layers in order to avoid conflicts of interest with upstream service providers. These include carriers, network providers, ISPs, cloud services providers, content providers, data storage providers, disaster recovery specialists and many others.

This model creates an ‘open market’ and a community into which clients within the data centre can add value.

Vendor neutral data centre providers concentrate their effort on the "basic" layers in the range of services provided to data centre clients: space, physical security, power, environment management and monitoring, fire protection and interconnects.

A key benefit of the vendor neutral model is freedom of choice. Essentially, a vendor neutral environment allows the client to connect to any ISP and route traffic between any network service providers (NSPs) via public peering. The NSPs could include local and international carriers, application service providers and other content providers.

Next week’s blog will look at the role of the vendor neutral data centre in the era of ‘the cloud’.

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