Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Data centres in the Cloud Era

Global cloud experts believe the industry is entering an era of massive cloud enabled data centres run by third-party organisations – including immense, virtualised structures operated by the likes of Amazon, Microsoft and Google – capable of optimising costs and maximising service availability for clients.

It is a concept that has resonated with South African carriers and network operators who have welcomed the idea of a neutral environment – where traditional business rivals can interconnect their networks. In the telco space, Telkom has been quick to endorse the concept, on the back of vendor neutrality's acceptance and growth around the world.

For data centre managers, the advantages of vendor neutrality are found in the benefits of being able to select service providers strategically in order to reduce costs, while being able to connect to vendors quickly and easily.

For enterprise clients the advantages can be found in the resulting ecosystem where multiple service providers aggregate and offer a diverse range of services that are only a simple interconnect away.

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