Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Teraco broadens African horizons through link to major European Internet exchange AMS-IX

NAPAfrica an open and free peering exchange within Teraco’s colocation facilities, is now connected with the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX). AMS-IX interconnects over 550 IP networks, making it the world’s leading Internet hub. 

The direct link to Teraco’s peering service NAPAfrica, which is effective from March 2013, brings Africa substantially closer to Europe in terms of connectivity, and ultimately offers endless opportunities for European carriers to connect across Africa. African Internet Service Providers (ISPs) now have the opportunity to tap further into global carrier networks through peering at NAPAfrica, thereby offering African consumers access to high speed connections at a dramatically reduced cost as well as rich global content from international carriers. 

With the initial introduction of route servers at Teraco by NAPAfrica early in 2012 there has been a subsequent overall reduction in ISP operating costs in the South African market through the simplification of the peering process. Route servers lower the barrier to entry for African ISPs that do not necessarily have the resources or hardware to manage multiple connections to numerous peers. There are more than 60 peers live at NAPAfrica with access to over 21 local and international carriers. 

NAPAfrica offers the choice of both multi-lateral and bi-lateral peering which then allows all members to connect to the exchange based on what is preferable to their business.


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